League of Legends: Howard Stern on League of Legends

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I cant blame him on his comments about the game that I love. It was fine,actually. In fact Im happy that there are haters of League. It gets more attention. More publicity.

I dont even care about all the hate because they do not know smack about our game. I do not know much about any other game but you dont see people forcing you to learn it. You make your own choice in what passion, in any form, you choose because it makes you somewhat happy. Its just like basketball or baseball. I dont even know anything about baseball or have the game works, its complicated for me, but I dont judge the people who watch the sport. I let them be. Because its what they love, its what they are passionate about.

I dont even hate Howard Stern and the other guys who commented on League,laughing. Its their opinion. I respect that.


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